Anish Mohammed
Anish Mohammed



My core expertise is in the areas of blockchain and cybersecurity. I consult in the areas of security architecture, protocol analysis, token design, cryptoeconomics, in addition to verification of smart contracts and zero knowledge proof systems.



Anish is a true pioneer of technology. Whether it is cryptography, blockchain or big data, he is always aware of the latest advancements and knows everybody in whatever fields he is currently following. The fact that he is both brilliant and always clued-in makes him one of my favourite people to bounce ideas off of.
— Stefan Thomas - CTO at Ripple
Anish has a rare, wide ranging multi-disciplinary background and possess an extraordinary level intelligence. At the same time Anish is a true pleasure to work with, he is always one step ahead and not only meets but regularly exceeds expectations.

Anish has also opened my eyes to the potential of the blockchain technology and of the token economy and provided not only technical domain expertise but also elaborated a sound business model for the upcoming Arteia tokens. There are very few people in the world who actually know how to design a faultless token system and Anish is definitely one of them.

Last, but not least, Anish has high level of integrity, incredibly sound judgement and once onboard, he will be committed to the mission he has to accomplish. He is extremely well respected by the whole Arteia team, as well as Arteia’s investors. I learned a lot from Anish and have no doubt that he can deliver a substantial value in any endeavour.
— Marek Zabicki - Co-Founder & CTO at Arteia
I’ve had the chance to work with Anish on the blockchain and big data initiatives at LBG.
Anish has multiple areas of deep expertise: blockchain, security, big data, medicine. All these areas of expertise mastered by the same person enable connections not visible to many, an incredible speed of thinking and an easiness to move from big picture to detail and back.
The blockchain community is large but few are those who like Anish not only see define business cases and see implications but also do what they preach.
For me, he is the first person to go to when I deal with a hard problem to crack.
— Andra Sonea - Solutions Architect, Financial Services

About Me

Anish has been working in the security and cryptography area for the past 18 years, as a researcher and as a consultant. Over the past few years he has become more involved in the Blockchain ecosystem as one of the founding members of UKDCA . He has advised and worked for various banks and financial institutions including AIB, HSBC, Lloyds and Zurich. He is also on the advisory board for Adjoint, Arteia, Hyper-loop Transport Technologies, Privacy Shell, Ripple Labs and Chain of Things. These days he more focussed on projects that involve security vs scalability vs consensus of Blockchain and using smart contracts for AI safety. He is a regular speaker and contributor in the areas of AI, cybersecurity, fin-tech and blockchain.