Of the various areas of interests, some of the ideas that originate end up being projects. These are true in terms of topics such as UAV/Robotics, Ethics of AI etc

OpenEth is a machine ethics research company established for public benefit.

We are creating the first dataset for machine ethics, alongside various co-creation tools necessary to curate and develop it. 

Machine Intelligence requires large, well-documented datasets for it to be trained upon. Datasets often matter more than algorithms per se, though they rarely get credit for the value that they can create. Datasets such as Fei-Fei Li's ImageNet has enabled the recent expansion in capability of machine intelligence in powerful ways that otherwise would be impossible.

We want to do the same for the space of ethics; a living dataset that can expand in scope and nuance over time, and empower socially-aware thinking machines for generations to come.

Computational Ethics is a revolutionary new field of AI and computer science research. Obol is a revolutionary protocol layer for ethics powered by blockchain-derived technologies.


Unfortunately, accidents with drones are increasingly common, causing personal injury, threats to public safety, even power line disruptions. Bounder is your first defense against such liabilities.

The danger of drones not sticking to regulations have been a challenge that has been recently in the news. An attempt is being made to see if it would be possible to produce notification when regulation is breached. The plan is to use ArduPilotMega and use a modified version Arducopter so geofencing could be achieved in various areas and a GSM interface is going to be used communicate to the ground monitoring station. The modification of flight controller and ground controller in future would involve the ability to verify authenticity of the geofencing and update the geofencing over the air using GPRS/3G/433 MHz link and usage of TPM to verify the changes to the code applied.